Wednesday, January 6, 2010

invites. website. check, check, check!

303 days till the wedding. that seems like plenty of time to get things done, right? let's hope so. i have no idea what i'm doing other than following a generic timeline of tasks to complete each month. every time i make a decision or book a vendor i get to put a big check in a box, until hopefully the wedding day comes and everything is done and i haven't forgotten something that wasn't on the list to start with. that's my biggest fear. so far, the list goes like this:
book a venue. check. find a dress. check. order invitations. double check! not only did i order them, but the whole invitation suite, including our Save the Dates, has been custom designed by the fabulous Anna Hurley. she has done an amazing job and it's been the hardest thing for me not to show everyone what they look like. i'd hate to spoil the surprise for anyone who gets a sneak peak. they are being printed now, and i just can't wait to see how they look all printed up. 

i also got to put a big check next to the box that says "design a wedding website" because ours is finally done! i was adamant about not using the generic wedding website templates that are readily available and perfectly acceptable. in true Ashley fashion, i had to make life difficult and make one from scratch. after all, i am the same girl who wrote a 42 page itinerary complete with pictures, biographies, and local history for a weekend trip up the coast with friends. yes, i tend to overdo things. i digress. for the website i used the design from Anna's wonderful invitation suite and tried to put as much useful information up as possible. i know nobody wants to read a book report on St. john, so i hope i did a good job of editing down the BS. anyhoo, check out the site and let me know if i forgot anything.  don't forget to sign our guestbook too!

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