Monday, June 21, 2010

heel or no heel?

Since my dress should be arriving shortly and alterations will be starting, I've been thinking about what shoes I'll wear for the wedding. The ceremony is on the beach so I think I'll be barefoot, although I do want to put on some sort of shoe for dancing and pictures.  I can't decide if I should wear heels or not. I would love a bit of extra height, but I have to keep in mind I'll be walking through the grass during the reception.  
Here are some pretty pairs I've found tonight:

check your mailbox!

Our wedding invitations have gone out! I am so happy with the beautiful suite that Anna Hurley created for us, and I'm so excited for all our friends and family to see them too.  The stamps were found by searching eBay on a daily basis, but I managed to round up enough vintage Tropical Flowers to finally send out all the invites.  I love the way the stamps look with the color of the envelopes too.

I can't wait to start receiving the RSVP's!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

you are beautiful.

I love this mural that was recently done right around the corner from our house in Santa Monica.  I'm dying to get our wedding photographer Jose Villa to town to do a shoot in front of it.  For now, our point-and-shoot self-timer shots will have to do.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been some time since we've updated our wedding blog.  Life sneaks up and gets a little busy sometimes, doesn't it?  We are currently less then 6 months from our big Day and the anticipation is building! Planning is coming along smoothly, since we've been dedicating each week to focus on a new task.  This week: Bridesmaids Dresses.  Choosing the dress, style, and color was the most painstaking decision of all since for some reason the only nice looking bridesmaids dresses are ridiculously expensive.  My goal was to find a beautiful dress in a fun color that each of the 6 girls will wear again, all for less than $200.  Sounds simple right?  Think again.
This was just a sampling of dresses that I was considering. I thought the colors were nice together, and each girl could pick the one she liked the best.  Decisions are never that easy though, and knew I needed to narrow it down.  Finally, after countless hours of searching and shopping, we have decided on 4 different styles of the same color dress from J Crew.  
I decided to go with the bright Blue Sapphire color because it was so fun, and really will lokk great against the white sand and the crystal blue water of the Caribbean.  What do you think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

invites. website. check, check, check!

303 days till the wedding. that seems like plenty of time to get things done, right? let's hope so. i have no idea what i'm doing other than following a generic timeline of tasks to complete each month. every time i make a decision or book a vendor i get to put a big check in a box, until hopefully the wedding day comes and everything is done and i haven't forgotten something that wasn't on the list to start with. that's my biggest fear. so far, the list goes like this:
book a venue. check. find a dress. check. order invitations. double check! not only did i order them, but the whole invitation suite, including our Save the Dates, has been custom designed by the fabulous Anna Hurley. she has done an amazing job and it's been the hardest thing for me not to show everyone what they look like. i'd hate to spoil the surprise for anyone who gets a sneak peak. they are being printed now, and i just can't wait to see how they look all printed up. 

i also got to put a big check next to the box that says "design a wedding website" because ours is finally done! i was adamant about not using the generic wedding website templates that are readily available and perfectly acceptable. in true Ashley fashion, i had to make life difficult and make one from scratch. after all, i am the same girl who wrote a 42 page itinerary complete with pictures, biographies, and local history for a weekend trip up the coast with friends. yes, i tend to overdo things. i digress. for the website i used the design from Anna's wonderful invitation suite and tried to put as much useful information up as possible. i know nobody wants to read a book report on St. john, so i hope i did a good job of editing down the BS. anyhoo, check out the site and let me know if i forgot anything.  don't forget to sign our guestbook too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

i'm getting married this year!

happy 2010! 
this is the year we'll be getting hitched... now that is pretty exciting!

and in other news....
i found my wedding dress! yay!! i must say it is a huge relief to not have to go wedding dress shopping ever again. for me, the experience was not all it's cracked up to be. i went to a few places and i wasn't keen on the snobby consultants, florescent lighting, getting naked in front of strangers, and row after row of pouffy, itchy dresses that seemed to be the standard at most bridal salons. where's the glamour and champagne? or at the very least flattering lighting and a friendly staff? thank goodness for the Erin Cole Salon in Costa Mesa! i am so glad i found that place because i just may have worn a burlap sack to my wedding if i hadn't. this place is great, and i absolutely love the dress i found there. what girl wouldn't fall in love with a Vera Wang?! yup, that's right! this bride will be wearing Vera. i am in love! my sister said that i'd have dreams about my wedding dress after i'd found "the one". she was right. i went home that night and dreamed about that Vera all night long. i can not wait to wear that dress! here is a photo of me ordering it...

can you tell i'm excited! now, do i really have to wait six months for it to arrive? 

on a side note, it never seems to get old that it's january and the weather in Santa Monica is this beautiful. i took this picture tonight on the pier with my parents, who are in town just for the night. 
i feel very lucky to live here and appreciate it every day.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my "working" vacation...

...Actually, it was just a good excuse to take a trip to the islands with my best friend, but hey, who cares?! My bestie of 11 years Mo and I decided we needed to do a little wedding reconnaissance work on the island of St. John. Seeing as I hadn't been to the island in about 6 years, and never actually been to the resort where the wedding will be held, I think it was a good call.  We had a such blast together and even managed to get some wedding planning done in between our pina coladas and naps on the beach.

These shots were taken from the balcony of our room when we first arrived. Isn't the view spectacular?

So, for those planning on attending our wedding, there are a few things about the island that I want to point out:
1) St. John is HOT! I mean, really hot. Even in the winter. But it's that good, island-y, tropical, sweet-smell-in-the-air type of hot where you're sweating all the time but still feel great. Note to self- try not to be a sweaty pig in the wedding photos.

2) St. John is super fun! I guess it's because I've only been to the island on family trips where I was under the age of 21, but I never realized what a fun place it is! The nightlife is great, and there are tons of bars, restaurants, live music, and great food around every corner of Cruz Bay. I can't wait for our friends and family to experience the island.

3) The trip there is quite an adventure, especially from the West coast. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from coming to the wedding, but St. John is no easy place to get to. You have to fly into St Thomas (usually not a direct flight), then a very windy, hilly, taxi ride to the ferry dock, and then a 20 minute ferry ride to St. John. That's a lot for one day of traveling! But trust me, it is so worth it. I only want to warn people so that when you make travel plans, it is nice to stay for a week if you can swing it. Any less and the travel time catches up with you.

4)St. John has lots of interesting wild animals! Anywhere you go on the island, you are pretty much guaranteed to see donkeys, goats, chickens, iguanas, roaming around. Although, I hear the donkeys can be pretty mean when they are hungry, so I don't recommend getting too close.

This curious little iguana stole that orange right off my pina colada!!

Here are some shots of the beautiful Westin Resort, where the wedding will be held. I am so glad we chose this resort. I think it will be the perfect place for a beautiful, elegant wedding and a great spot for our friends and family to stay during their trip. 
The Westin is just a quick cab ride away from Cruz Bay and all the beautiful beaches. The resort also has its own private beach with jumbo water trampolines and other fun activities, although I do recommend checking out the other beaches as well.                           
And here's Mo and I out on my parents' friends' boat sailing through the Virgin Islands. That's my mom's dog Toby on my lap.

So, there you have it. My trip in a wee nutshell blog post.
And, sorry about the long lag, I promise to be more diligent with the posts in the future.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

t minus one year

one year from today, we'll be on st. john, dancing the night away as a married couple. yippie! now, does that mean it's our negative one year anniversary? and for that matter, do we have to start the count over once we're married? tyler and i have been together for over 5 years now, but when we're married for a year, is it only our 1 year anniversary? seems a bit unfair to the dating years. 

oh well, it's still exciting! i think we should celebrate!

365 days to go...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the great dress search

I having been thinking a lot about wedding dresses today, so I'm trying to picture myself in all sorts of styles and shapes. Without trying anything on yet, it's hard to determine what is going to look good on me. Right now I'm loving etsy designer Sarah Seven's gorgeous wares. I wonder if I can swing a trip to Portland to try some on....

Friday, October 16, 2009

happy birthday to me!

today is my birthday, and i feel so blessed. i am on to my twenty-ninth year, and i can only hope it's as wonderful as the last.
man, that's a lot of candles!!