Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been some time since we've updated our wedding blog.  Life sneaks up and gets a little busy sometimes, doesn't it?  We are currently less then 6 months from our big Day and the anticipation is building! Planning is coming along smoothly, since we've been dedicating each week to focus on a new task.  This week: Bridesmaids Dresses.  Choosing the dress, style, and color was the most painstaking decision of all since for some reason the only nice looking bridesmaids dresses are ridiculously expensive.  My goal was to find a beautiful dress in a fun color that each of the 6 girls will wear again, all for less than $200.  Sounds simple right?  Think again.
This was just a sampling of dresses that I was considering. I thought the colors were nice together, and each girl could pick the one she liked the best.  Decisions are never that easy though, and knew I needed to narrow it down.  Finally, after countless hours of searching and shopping, we have decided on 4 different styles of the same color dress from J Crew.  
I decided to go with the bright Blue Sapphire color because it was so fun, and really will lokk great against the white sand and the crystal blue water of the Caribbean.  What do you think?