Monday, January 4, 2010

i'm getting married this year!

happy 2010! 
this is the year we'll be getting hitched... now that is pretty exciting!

and in other news....
i found my wedding dress! yay!! i must say it is a huge relief to not have to go wedding dress shopping ever again. for me, the experience was not all it's cracked up to be. i went to a few places and i wasn't keen on the snobby consultants, florescent lighting, getting naked in front of strangers, and row after row of pouffy, itchy dresses that seemed to be the standard at most bridal salons. where's the glamour and champagne? or at the very least flattering lighting and a friendly staff? thank goodness for the Erin Cole Salon in Costa Mesa! i am so glad i found that place because i just may have worn a burlap sack to my wedding if i hadn't. this place is great, and i absolutely love the dress i found there. what girl wouldn't fall in love with a Vera Wang?! yup, that's right! this bride will be wearing Vera. i am in love! my sister said that i'd have dreams about my wedding dress after i'd found "the one". she was right. i went home that night and dreamed about that Vera all night long. i can not wait to wear that dress! here is a photo of me ordering it...

can you tell i'm excited! now, do i really have to wait six months for it to arrive? 

on a side note, it never seems to get old that it's january and the weather in Santa Monica is this beautiful. i took this picture tonight on the pier with my parents, who are in town just for the night. 
i feel very lucky to live here and appreciate it every day.


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