Thursday, October 15, 2009

hankies and undies

i knew the minute i decided who my bridesmaids were going to be that i'd need a clever way to ask them to be in the wedding. after all, it's a question i won't get to ask too much in my lifetime and i think it should be special. i originally bought each girl (and my one "bridesman") leather luggage tags that are personalized with a hot stamp monogram. not a bad gift, and useful since it's a destination wedding! but, i wasn't quite satisfied with plain 'ol luggage tags. i needed something else. so, i moseyed down to the vintage store near my house to see what i could find for inspiration, and it turned out that they had a huge bin full of beautiful vintage hankerchiefs. i had seen a gorgeous set of save-the-date hankies online, so i decided to reinterpret the idea into a clever way to pop the question. 
since i don't own a screen printer, and there was no way tyler was going to let me buy one just for this project (even though i tried to convince him that we'd use it "all the time"), i was at a loss. a brilliant plan, and no way to execute it... alas, enter my new friend reggie! our friend matthew introduced her to tyler that very evening and it just so happened that she owns a screen printer! hooray! 
she was kind enough to print all the hankies and the pair of undies too. i think they turned out beautifully! now, how am i going to decide who gets which hankie? 

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