Tuesday, May 12, 2009

we're engaged!

have you heard?! 
we are getting married! 
tyler proposed during a trip to sonoma, CA in may and we couldn't be more excited. we rented an amazing cottage in the mountains of santa rosa overlooking wine country. 
(thanks for the tip, mike!)

it was a magical trip and i was totally surprised! keep reading for all the details.

we went to a few wineries on the first day, but too much wine gave me a headache! we went back to the cottage for a dip the the hot tub and a quick nap. tyler wanted to hike and explore the rest of the grounds so we crossed the creek by way of a scary suspension bridge and found the Stargazing Cottage. tyler was acting weird, but i thought it was just the wine. 

i don’t think tyler could keep the secret any longer! he totally surprised me while i was checking out the view. and the ring was the one i spotted in Santa Cruz the year before! what a good little sneak! i was beyond surprised!we popped the champagne and started celebrating!

the next day we were up for an adventure! we decided to go down the Russian River in a canoe! it was a blast. a picnic lunch and couple bottles of wine made it and awesome day trip. we didn’t even tip over! 

our last day of the trip was spent in san francisco. what a beautiful city! we even got a sunny, almost fog-less day! it was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.

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